Welcome to Eulophiinae

Welcome to 'Eulophiinae': an online synthesis of information for orchid taxa in the Eulophiinae sub-tribe (Cymbidieae: Epidendroideae), gathered during a research project on the evolution and systematics of this group.

The research project behind this site focuses on Eulophia (~ 160 spp.) and Oeceoclades (~ 40 spp.); the two most speciose genera of the Eulophiinae, that share an Afro-Madagascan centre of distribution. Oeceoclades and Eulophia specimens were collected during two field trips in 2013. For the first field trip, to Madagascar, I met up with Rokiman Letsara (California Academy of Sciences), Tiana Randriamboavonjy and Frank Rakotonasolo (Kew Madagascar Conservation Centre), and Jacky Andriantiana from Parc Zoologique et Botanique de Tsimabaza. We focused on dry forest and karst limestone ('tsingy') habitats of Oeceoclades. In Zambia (see links for photos in the fieldwork galleries) I worked with Dr. David Chuba from the University of Zambia (Lusaka), Mike and Lari Merrett of the Mutinondo Wilderness Area, and botanists Mike Bingham and Evelyn Roe.

Please explore the site via our pages, media galleries and Eulophiinae classification (currently based on the World Checklist of Selected Plant Families, RBG Kew). Information includes links to digitized taxonomic literature, a bibliography, outline distribution maps, descriptions (from African e-floras and Flore de Madagascar), and images contributed by us and other members of the orchid-research community.


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